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City Manager

City Manager – Lee Feldman

Phone: 352-334-3119 | [email protected]

Assistant City Manager – Debra Bowie

Phone: 352-393-8870   [email protected]

Assistant City Manager – Dan Hoffman

Phone: 352-334-5010 | [email protected]

Assistant City Manager – Fred Murry

Phone: 352-334-5010 | [email protected]

Code Enforcement

Code Enforcement  – Pete Backhaus

Phone: 352-334-5030 | [email protected]

Gainesville Regional Utilities (GRU)

Gainesville Regional Utilities

Phone: 352-334-3434 | [email protected]

Department of Sustainable Development – Andrew Persons (Interim Director)

[email protected]

Phone: 352-334-5023

Police Department (GPD)

Police Department (GPD)  – Chief Tony Jones

Phone: 352-392-7502; 911 (Emergencies); 352-393-7600 (Front Desk); 352-955-1818 (Non-Emergency Services, including the Party Patrol) | [email protected]

Public Works

Public Works – Phil Mann

Phone: 352-334-5070 | [email protected]

Solid Waste

Solid Waste  Steve Joplin

Phone:352-334-2330 | [email protected]

Customer Service 352-334-2330

Recycling 352-393-7964

City Commissioners:  [email protected]

Harvey Ward:  [email protected]

Gail Johnson:

Reina Saco:

Adrian Hayes-Santos: [email protected]

David Arreola: 

Clerk of the Commission

Omichele Gainey

Phone: 352-334-5015   [email protected]

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