“ZOOM-BOMBED!” Yes, UPNA’s Candidate Forum this past Wednesday night (July 22, 2020) was hacked, forcing us to deliver the promised recording in two segments in order to delete pornographic material. However, thanks to the patience and graciousness of the two candidates, Ms. Sande Calkins and Dr. Leanetta McNealy, we quickly regrouped and had another excellent discussion about issues facing Alachua County Public Schools in the COVID-19 era. We also apologize to Ms. Calkins for the video problems she experienced, although her audio was clear.  Here are the links to Part 1, followed by Part 2:

Part 1:


The password for Part 1, if prompted, just “copy and paste”, is: X@at!^!4

Part 2:


The password for Part 2 is: ^47RzLe9

The sound quality for the “One Step for Democracy” video was not great on Zoom; a better version appears on YouTube at the link below: